Rotary Club of Ballard

Past Presidents

  Name Term
   James Raptis 2016-2017
  Shelley Puariea 2015-2016
  Marilee Fuller 2014-2015
  Paul Sivesind 2013-2014
  Terry Collings 2012-2013
  Cameron Smock 2011-2012
  Peter Anderson 2010-2011
  John Deasy 2009-2010
  Carlye Teel 2008-2009
  Roger Martindill 2007-2008
  Fred Richard 2006-2007
  Lori Knuckey 2005-2006
  Dave Maloney 2004-2005
  Erik Gulmann 2003-2004
  Lance Georgeson 2002-2003
  Dale Osterud 2001-2002
  Dan Reid 2000-2001
  Jeff Ward 1999-2000
  Henry Haugen 1998-1999
  Dr. Bill Peterson 1997-1998
  Bea Clark 1996-1997
  Albert Romano 1995-1996
  Pete Scott 1994-1995 
  Glenn Lund 1993-1994
  Bob Wenman  1992-1993
  Hugo Berg 1991-1992
  Alan Hovland 1990-1991
  Dave Hiscock 1989-1990
  Jirn Penhollow 1988-1989
  Will Johnson 1987-1988
  Ralph Thompson 1986-1987
  Tom Janssen 1985-1986
  Louis Roebke 1984-1985
  Bill Lerch 1983-1984
  Ray Waldbridge 1982-1983
  Leroy Jacques 1981-1982
  Moore McKinley, Jr.  1980-1981
  Douglas Ferguson  1979-1980
  Oly Wise 1978-1979
  Wally Kastner 1977-1978
  Jerry Sandvig 1976-1977
  Mins Reinsma 1975-1976
  John Berg 1974-1975
  Hal Mathers 1973-1974
  Art Bowman 1972-1973
  Wade Carter 1971-1972
  Irl Janssen 1970-1971
  Hartney Oakes 1969-1970
  Bill Mead 1968-1969
  Bill Webb 1967-1968
  Bill Barragar 1966-1967
  Fred Jenner 1965-1966
  Charles Day 1964-1965
  Carl E. Swenson 1963-1964
  Vern Rowe 1962-1963
  Bruce F. Evans 1961-1962
  William J. Davis 1960-1961
  Willard R. Yeakel 1959-1960
  Edward W. Sawyer  1958-1959
  Carl Peterson 1957-1958
  Dwight S. Hawley Jr.  1956-1957
  Howard Erickson 1955-1956
  Henry W. Grady 1954-1955
  Stanley R. Olson 1953-1954
  William R. Rapp 1952-1953
  Robert R. Sullivan  1951-1952
  Lawrence L Bailey  1950-1951
  Rolf W. Wiggen 1949-1950
  Roger W. Harrison  1948-1949
  More M. McKinley 1947-1948
  Robert L. Enslow 1946-1947



Upcoming Programs
01/07/2020: Bill Feldt, Federal Way Rotary Malaria Partners Program Bill Feldt will update us on the progress of the Malaria Partners Program in successfully eliminating malaria.
01/14/2020: Stephen Sundborg, President of Seattle University Fr. Sundborg, winner of the prestigious 2019 Seattle-King County First Citizen Award and a powerful and inspiring speaker, will speak on the topic of Civility.
01/21/2020: Sarah Sherer, Seattle Maritime Academy Sarah Sherer, Dean of Seattle Maritime Academy will update us on the activities at SMA, as well as the academy's current successes and challenges. We provide scholarships every year to this excellent institution, which is affiliated with Seattle Central College and is located in Ballard.
01/28/2020: Club Evening Meeting Club meeting 5:30 pm at Picolinos, no speaker is planned. Come and catch up on club activities in the relaxed ambiance of Picolinos!
Club Leaders
Meeting Times
Please join us at our lunch club meeting at noon every 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Tuesday of the month, and at 5:30 pm every 4th Tuesday of the month, in Ballard at:
RIstorante Picolinos
6415 32nd Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98107
On the rare 5th Tuesdays of the month, a club social is scheduled in a different location in Ballard. Check the Upcoming Programs for location.
Rotary Club of Ballard (Seattle)
PO Box 70472
Seattle, WA 98127
Weekly Bulletins
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