October 23, 2018 Program

5030 District Governor Alan Merry

District Governor Alan Merry spoke at the October 23rd club meeting, and  discussed what it means to be a Rotarian. He explained that people who join Rotary for the connections stay for the friendships. He thanked Ballard Rotarians for all the service projects we participate in and support--like the food bank, Edible Hope Kitchen and Guatemala project.

Alan also promoted the May 2019 Joint District Conference in Spokane. The conference theme "Come Together" is in honor of the two districts: 5080 and 5030 meeting together. It is scheduled May 16-19 and will feature plenary speakers RI President Barry Rassin and Bill Gates.

DG Alan Merry awarded a special certificate of appreciation to Bev Washburn for all the great work she does--hand-writing and mailing cards & invitations, organizing food bank volunteers, and especially getting us into a great meeting location at Picolinos.


5030 DG Alan Merry & club president Chris Davis congratulate Bev Washburn.   

Ballard Rotary Receives Certificate of Appreciation

Sara Bates, Edible Hope Volunteer Coordinator, presented a certificate of appreciation for Rotary Club of Ballard's volunteers and financial support. 

Chris proudly displays award from Edible Hope Kitchen.

Induction: David Rice

David Rice was inducted as a new member at the October 23rd meeting. He is a financial advisor at Edward Jones. David's wife Joan was present for the occasion. Two of the Rices' children were honored by our club as Ballard High School Students of the Month in the past.


David Rice with friend & mentor Joseph Grief

 From left, Kathleen Linscott (Membership Chair), Joan Rice, David Rice, Joseph Grief, and President Chris Davis

October 16, 2018 Program

Mike Madden and

the Guatemala Computer Project

Mike Madden of University Sunrise Rotary was the program speaker for the October 16th club meeting. He spoke  about their partnership with TINFA, a Seattle organization fostering computers and computer literacy in the developing world. Internet access can come from cell towers which are plentiful. Rotary matching grants provide computer equipment, and, especially, training for teachers in curriculum development using the internet. Local Rotarians and the K-6 school system in Guatemala are partners in implementation.


Kathleen shares notes with speaker Mike Madden


President Chris with Mike Madden & Oly Wise from University Sunrise Rotary

Report on Ballard Rotary's Guatemala Grant
At the October 16th meeting, Grants Chair Kathleen Davis reported that the computer labs and sanitation projects covered by Ballard Rotary's most recent Global Grant in Guatemala are mostly complete.
Computer labs and trained teachers

Toilets and sinks in primary schools


October 9th, 2018 Program

The Opioid Crisis


Dr. Carney with President Chris Davis   

The featured speaker at the club's October 9th meeting was Molly Carney, Executive Director at Evergreen Treatment Center. She spoke about the current opiod crisis, covering the causes and treatments.

Evergreen is a treatment center for people with heroin and opioid addiction.  They have two locations and currently have two case workers working in Ballard.  At their Airport Way location, they see 1400 patients.  90% of heroin users have started by abusing prescription medication.

The epidemic started with doctors over-prescribing pain medication for longer periods of time.

Treatment does work.  A person with this addiction has a 4-6 hour high, then drops until another fix is found. It is a real up and down experience. Addiction also increases criminal activity, EMS responses, and homelessness. 75% of people that use a needle exchange program want to quit using drugs. 

Doctors are now keeping a database so they can track people that are “doctor shopping” looking for prescription drugs.   

September 25, 2018 Program

Kit Bakke, Author

Kit Bakke, author, spoke at the September 25th club meeting. She has three published books, each quite different from the others:

  1. Dancing on The Edge
  2. Miss Alcott’s E-Mail
  3. Protest On Trial
Kit enjoys lunch with Wacek and John                  
Kit signs copies of her books


Kit spoke on the challenges of being a successful author. To be an author you must have been published.  Some of the facts about being an author:

  • 2 ½ billion books sold in the U.S., mostly used,
  • 600 million published per year,
  • The average author sells 3,000 books,
  • Historically thse books tend to be mysteries, crime romance and westerns,
  • The largest  publisher is Amazon,
  • Most authors can’t make a living at writing.

An author needs a coach or critic who can help in the final product. In order to be effective write you must:

1)      Force yourself to sit down and write,

2)     Think clearly,

3)     Keep going,

4)     Have a reader or editor, and

5)     Think about your readers.

In Kit’s early days she got rejections.  Some said “There is no market for this type of book” or something like “There would be disappointing sales”.

One acceptance the quote was something like, “It is selling, but don’t start remodeling your kitchen just yet."

Also an author must understand that after the book is published, it belongs to the readers.

September Students of the Month

At the September 25th club meeting, Ballard High School Principal Keven Wynkoop introduced two Student Body officers, Grace Johnson and Dina Pasha.  They discussed their activities while at BHS.



Alan Hovland reports that Ballard Rotary's tradition of honoring Students of the Month is 30 years long.  And, Principal Wynkoop responds, "I knew it was more than 24 years, because I was a Ballard Rotary Student of the Month in 1994.  I love that the club recognizes our students!"

September 18, 2018 Program

Compass Housing Alliance

At the September 18th program, Marilee Fuller introduced Suzanne Sullivan, Director of Advancement for Compass Housing Alliance (CHA).  
Suzanne and Kathleen Davis discuss Ballard Rotary Grant
For almost 100 years, CHA has been meeting the needs of our vulnerable community members – from emergency services to permanent affordable housing. They started by housing loggers and fishermen. Compass provides a welcoming space at more than 23 locations throughout the Puget Sound region.  They refer people to places to get help and also build housing. They strive to create an environment where each person who enters any of their programs experiences stability, growth, and community.

CHA helps 10,000 people a year.  They do this with a staff of 225, with the cooperation of 500 partners and with the help of 6,000 volunteers. 98% of clients have been traumatized so they need trauma-informed care. Compass also:

  • Provides stability through housing
  • Supports personal growth through personalized programs to get them work, housing etc.
  • Supports engagement in the community

Compass Broadview Project

A mixed-use development with 59 units of permanent housing is under construction for individuals and families whose incomes are at or below 30% or 50% of Area Median Income. The development will include a community room, media room, children’s room and a courtyard with playground. The community room will be furnished with a Rotary grant for appliances, furniture, and so on. Comcast will provide a cart with laptops so residents can be connected online.


Kathleen Linscott and Nathan ask questions.

Chloe Miller and James Raptis enjoy the program.

During Q&A, the club learned:

  • the Compass Broadview facility would be filled in about a month after it opens in February. 
  • There will be a program manager and 3 case workers to support the programs at Compass Broadview
  • Compass Alliance is in contact with the PTA and the Principal of Broadview K-8. 
  • There will be 59 units of 1 to 4 bedrooms. Larger units are for extended families.
Kathleen Davis talked about the Rotary grant application for this project, on which we are partnering with the Rotary Clubs of University Sunrise, Edmonds Daybreakers, and Alderwood Terrace.

September 11 2018 Program

City Councilman Mike O'Brien

Councilman O'Brien and Rotary friends. From left, Carlye Teel, O'Brien, Mindy Byers, Oly Wise, Billy Rogers

Speaker at the club's September 11th meeting was District 6 Council Member Mike O’Brien. He has served on the Council for eight years.  He grew up in Seattle and has been a champion for environmental and social justice causes.  He has one child in college and another in high school.  He lives in Fremont.

Mike gave four updates:

1>     Sound transit light rail to Ballard in 2035.  Several options are on the table for consideration on how to get the service to Ballard (elevated or tunnel).  Light rail is also expanding to West Seattle, Tacoma, and Everett.  More information to come soon, there may be a need for additional revenue to support a tunnel to Ballard.  That was not originally in the Sound Transit voter approved budget.

2>     Backyard Cottages – the council is trying to make it easier to build backyard cottages and Mother-In-Law apartments within the city limits.  This is one way to create more affordable housing.  The goal is to be able to build them larger and streamline the approval process.

3>     Homelessness Crisis – creating more affordable housing, transitional housing, mental health services/addiction recovery.  200 new shelter beds opened last year, 300 additional beds are scheduled to be available this year, with an additional 900 next year.  He is hoping the Mayor makes this a priority in the upcoming budget.  The city has a team reaching out to the homeless to try and get them off of the street and provide servies.

4>     Budget Update…waiting to hear what Mayor Durkan’s first budget will look like and what priorities she has for the city.  There will be a lot of time for discussion and community input as the process moves along.

Other meeting photos

Kathleen Linscott remembering 9-11

James Raptis puts up the flag
Past President Oly Wise of University District Rotary was on hand to greet speaker Mike O'Brien.  Doug Warne brought former Ballard Rotarian Bjarne Varnes.
Past president James Raptis, left, with past president Oly Wise
Former Rotarian Bjarne Varnes, left, with Doug Warne.


August 28 2018 Club Assembly

Image result for rotary club assembly

The Rotary Club of Ballard used the August 28th date as a club assembly in order discuss club business, to induct Alan Hovland as a member, and to honor the passing of past club president David Hiscock. 


Past Ballard Rotary President Al Hovland

Al has come full circle from being a Ballard Rotary President, to being a member of the University Sunrise Rotary Club, to finding his way back home to Ballard.

Al brings not only his great enthusiasm for Rotary but also brings a valuable knowledge of the history of Ballard Rotary.  We are very fortunate to have Al back with us, and to become friends for the first time with him, for so many of us.

Al with sponsor Carlye Teel and President Chris


Other Meeting Photos

From left, past president Lance Georgeson, past president Dale Osterud, visiting Rotarian Susan Haris, and past president Carlye Teel

Visiting Rotarian Robert Boyd with Lori Foehn

August 14 2018 Program

Water & Sanitation in Addis Ababa

Speakers Ruth Ann Halford and Larry Logue, with President Chris

Speakers at the club's August 14th meeting were Larry Logue and Ruth Ann Halford of the Lake Union Rotary Club.  They described their project, in partnership with the Rotary Club of Addis Ababa West and NGO Splash, as well as the school system in Addis. Ballard Rotary and other District 5030 clubs also support this project.

The project, a continuation of past efforts, will:

  • Install 12 water filtration systems in government schools, benefiting about 5,100 kids
  • Oversee construction of 12 hand washing and drinking stations
  • Provide hygiene education for teachers and kids 

Because sustainability is important, every installation will include ten years worth of spare parts and maintenance.

See their website at: 


Other meeting photos


Visiting Rotarian Oly Wise with James, Billy and Ed

 Visiting Rotarian Charles Cohen with Lori

Britt Olsen invites the club to attend the Edible Hope Kitchen fundraiser.

July 24 2018 Program

Westside Seattle News

Speakers at the July 24th Rotary Club of Ballard meeting were Ken Robinson, Co-Publisher/Managing Editor, and Lindsay Peyton, News Editorm of the Westside Seattle which covers news and information for Burien, Ballard, West Seattle, White Center, Des Moines, and surrounding areas. The paper can be delivered, or is free online.  Their website is: www.westsideseattle.com


Ken Robinson and Lindsay Peyton

On August 21, 2013, Robinson Newspapers announced that it would combine the Ballard News-Tribune, the Highline Times, the West Seattle Herald, and White Center News into The Westside Weekly on September 6, 2013. The name of The Westside Weekly changed to Westside Seattle in June 2017.

The company is owned by the Robinson family. Its founder was Jerry Robinson (1920-2014). Robinson purchased the White Center News in 1952, founded the Federal Way News in 1954, expanding it into Des Moines in 1963. He acquired the Highline Times and the West Seattle Herald in 1974. With his partner Al Sneed, he developed Rotary Offset Publishing Company in 1956, Robinson sold the papers in 1989 but restarted them in 1998 after the then publisher ceased operations. He had previously acquired the Ballard News Tribune and the Monroe Monitor in 1993.

Today the company is operated by sons Ken and Tim Robinson as Managing Editor and General Manager respectively. Another son, Patrick, is the online editor for WestSeattleHerald.com, as well as functioning as a reporter/photographer and social media manager. Son Scott Robinson is a contributing columnist.

Please contact them with any questions, tips on local happenings,  or information you would like published:

Ken Robinson Co-Publisher/Managing Editor kenr@robinsonnews.com

Lindsay Peyton News Editor   lindsay@robinsonnews.com

Other meeting photos

Lance Georgeson

From left, Randi Suetens, Joseph Grief, and Billy Rogers 

  From left, Ed Robinson and Dan Foe

Club president, Chris Davis, and Lindsay Peyton

  July 10 2018 Program

Cindy Kruger and Ballard P-Patch

At the July 10 club meeting, Kathleen Davis introduced Cindy Kruger,her long-time friend and fellow book club member.  Cindy is a 17-year Ballard resident and gardener at the Ballard P-Patch, near 25th Ave and 85th St NW. The community garden P-Patch program, with 90 P-Patches in the city, is celebrating its 45th Anniversary this year.  

Cindy started her presentation with the offer of a prize T-shirt to the Rotarian who knew what the "P" in P-Patch stood for. There were no winners, as no one guessed that the "P" stands for Picardo, the first P-Patch in Seattle, and one of the largest, donated by the Picardo family in Northeast Seattle.

Ballard P-Patch has 78 plots of varying sizes. A gnome is the garden mascot--small gnomes were placed in plots as a gentle remonder that work was needed.

Cindy mentioned three benefits of the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods (DON) administered P-Patches:

1. They provide green space where all are welcome

2. Their biggest crop is community, but they also provide produce to the food banks (over 13,000 pounds from the Ballard P-Patch to the Ballard Food Bank last year)

3. Neighborhood parties

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