Rotarians at Work!

Work Party at St Luke's Church


Pete Scott and James Raptis help Sarah of St. Luke's

James Raptis, Pete Scott, Bev and Ray Washburn, and John Mitchell spent over three hours on January 12, 2019  cleaning, scrubbing, painting at St. Luke’s Edible Hope Kitchen in Ballard. We got rave reviews from the staff at Edible Hope.

Ray and John painted one of the two bathrooms, but ran out of paint for the 2nd. Ray purchased paint the during next week and he and John came back for 4 more hours on the 19th to paint the remaining bathroom.

These Rotarians did a fantastic job.

Ballard Food Bank and Food for Kids

The dedicated crew helping bag food on January 7, 2019 at Ballard Food Bank for the Weekend Food for Kids program. From left, Steve Stansfield, David Rice, and Alan Hovland.

The tireless crew of Rotarians helping bag food on January 14, 2019 at Ballard Food Bank for the Weekend Food for Kids program. From left, Steve Stansfield, Alan Hovland, and Erik Gulmann.

Shopping Spree for Kids

Val Gaifoulline, left and John Mitchell are ready to pair each student with a Rotarian

The Shopping Spree at Fred Meyer on December 1st was great fun, as usual, for both Rotarians and kids.  Fred Meyer staff put out a nice table for greeting club members, parents and their kids. Fred Meyer staff were also a huge help with discounts and shopping tips.

Community Service Chair John Mitchell reported that four students did not show up--the remaining gift cards will be given to counselor Sue Clauson at Whitman Middle School to disburse to those in need.

Ballard Food Bank and Food for Kids

The date: Monday, December 10th.

The place: Ballard Food Bank

The project: Food for Kids

The workers: Joseph Grief , Steve Stansfield, and Alan Hovland.

The report:

Tonight was a work-out.  4:30 to 7:00.  The Food Bank was closed when we left.  480 children in our local neighborhood need the little kind hope we are fortunate to provide. 

Dr. Steve, Joseph and I were helped by the wonderful Sofia, a Lakeside Student.   

I am very happy that I am able to do this work to help children.  When you have completed the peas and are on the 240th of the second item, it helps to pause and remember the children who depend on your effort on a Monday night in a freezing warehouse with the big door open.  Dr. Steve took a moment to re-set his back tonight before continuing on.  He had no thought of leaving.  

Next week yes.  And then two weeks off.

I am glad that I am in Ballard Rotary. 


Report on our Guatemala Grant

At the October 16th meeting, Grants Chair Kathleen Davis reported that the computer labs and sanitation projects covered by Ballard Rotary's most recent Global Grant in Guatemala are mostly complete.
 Computer labs and trained teachers

Toilets and sinks in primary schools

Ballard Food Bank and Food for Kids

Al Hovland was a trooper at the Ballard Food Bank in August 2018, helping package food for kids' meals. 

Upcoming Programs
2/19/2019: Music4Life™ Program speaker David Endicott, co-founder of Music4Life, will speak about this Rotary 5030 District project that provides ready-to-play musical instruments at no charge to public school districts for use by students in need.
2/26/2019: Richard Wagoner and the Seattle Times Traffic Lab Traffic Lab is a regular feature of The Seattle Times and covers transportation issues in the city and the region. This is a program you won't want to miss! February Students of the Month will also be honored.
3/5/2019: Board meeting The board meets on the first Tuesday of the month at Ballard Landmark, 4:30 pm.
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