June 2018 Students of the Month

At the June 12th club luncheon, Ballard High School Principal Keven Wynkoop introduced the June Students of the Month, Eleanor Dudley and Corbin Attik.

Eleanor Dudley – Interested in studying journalism, editor of the Talisman student newspaper, plans to attend Whitman College in the Fall.

Corbin Attik – Senior, plans to attend Whitman College.  Involved in sports.  Enjoys coaching youth teams.

Congratulations to these fine youth on all their accomplishments!

May 2018 Students of the Month

At the May 22nd club meeting, Ballard High School Principal Keven Wynkoop introduced the May Students of the Month, Addison Baker and Hyung Jang.

Addison Baker participates in the Bio Tech Academy and in volleyball. She is president of the BHS chapter of the National Honor Society and loves all of her classes. She will be attending Pacific Lutheran University next fall, where she is interested in studying Environmental Science.

Hyung Jang is senior class vice president, loves math, and is on the soccer team. He will be attending the University of Washington in the fall.

Congratulations to these fine youth on all their accomplishments!

April 2018 Students of the Month

At the April 24th club meeting, President Chris Davis turned the meeting over to Principal Keven Wynkoop of Ballard High School for introductions of the April Students of the Month, Sofia Albert and Ryan Zeffer. Principal Wynkoop said these students had a special emphasis on service.

Keven had high praise for Children’s Hospital where student Sofia Albert is a volunteer. Sofia loves her work at Children’s and is headed to Gonzaga U, where she will pursue a degree in physiology and a career in physical therapy. She also does ballet five days a week. 

Student Ryan Zeffer volunteers behind the scenes at basketball games, operating the scoreboard and on weekends at Snoqualmie teaching physically challenged skiers through Outdoors for All. Ryan is headed for UW next year, where he has a chemistry internship.

March 2018 Students of the Month

At the March 27th club meeting, two Ballard High School Students of the Month were honored for the month of March. Once again, two top notch students – Sophia Rice and Justus Brown – inspired us  with their academic work and activities, and made the rest of us feel like members of the Stamp Club in our own high schools. Yeesh –between the two of them they had 10 letters of acceptance to colleges! Congratulations to these two outstanding students!

Sophia Rice, March 2018 Student of the Month

Justus Brown, March 2018 Student of the Month

February 2018 Students of the Month

From left, Chris Davis, Jack Clark, Sara Hudson, and Keven Wynkoop

At the February 27th club meeting, Kevin Wynkoop, principal of Ballard High School, presented the February Students of the Month, Sarah Hudson and Jack Clark. He commented that their names did not contain a single "B" and that was also true of their straight-A 4.0 grades.

Sarah has been a key member of the mentoring group that helps incoming students get oriented to Ballard High School. She also participated in gymnastics, soccer (where she has last year’s captain), DECA (the business club), and the Academy of Finance. She plans to study math in college next year, the school to yet to be determined.

Jack Clark participated all three years in the Biotech Academy, and has volunteered over 300 hours at the Seattle Aquarium. He has served as a tutor and ski instructor at Snoqualmie Pass. Next year he plans to attend the University of Portland and major in mathematics.

Congratulations to such outstanding students!

January 2018 Students of the Month

At the January 23rd club meeting, Ballard High School principal Keven Wynkoop introduced the January Students of the Month, Sarah Onstad-Hawes and Sean Tilken.

Sarah Onstad-Hawes has participated in soccer, basketball, track & field. She has suffered through a concussion and an ACL injury. She will attend the University of Rochester next Fall.

Sean Tilken participates in the Running Start program, which earns him college credits at North Seattle College (formerly called North Seattle Community College). Sean volunteers at Salmon Bay School and also participates in fundraising efforts for schools in rural Africa. He plans to attend Western Washington University in the Fall.

Congratulations to these exemplary students!

December 2017 Students of the Month

At the December 12th club meeting, Ballard High School Principal Keven Wynkoop introduced the December Students of the Month, Lucas Beidler and Madeleine Agranoff. He noted that there were 3 music concerts held over the last month by the Ballard High School orchestra, band, and choir. This includes the Ballard Performing Arts Masterworks performance, with all three on stage, totaling over 200 students performing in concert.

Lucas introduced himself, noting that he is a member of jazz band, performs in school musicals and has been a member of the Ultimate Frisbee team for 4 years. He has applied to Princeton, University of Chicago and University of Washington.

Maddy is a member of choir, Key Club and STAR (Students and Teachers Against Racism). She enjoys baking and spending time with kids at the local gym where she works in childcare. She plans to major in political science and is applying to George Washington University and Western Washington University. She hopes to be in the honors program at Western. 

Both students received awards from Chris Davis on behalf of the club, as well as a seasonal gift. Congratulations to these exceptional students!

November 2017 Students of the Month

From From left, Keven Wynkoop, Else Anderson, Sam Wilke, and Chris Davis

At the November 14th club meeting Principal Keven Wynkoop of Ballard High School introduced honored students Else Anderson and Sam Wilke.

Else is the Boys and Girls Club Youth of the Year. She has interned at the Ballard B&G Club for all four years of high school and has learned leadership and responsibility.

Sam is a scholar and an acrobat (per Keven, the most unusual SOM talent he’s seen). Sam is part of the Youth Circus and performs at festivals around the area. He demonstrated his skill at juggling!

Else enjoys the sight of Sam demonstrating his juggling skills.

October 2017 Students of the Month

At the October 24th club meeting, Assistant Principal Carrie Burr of Ballard High School introduced the October Students of the Month: seniors Katie (Caitlyn) Moore and Kale Zweig. She remarked on Katie's remarkable record of over 500 service hours, and Kale's leadership on last year's world championship robotics team.

Katie has spent all four high school years at BHS. She continues to participate in Biotech Academy, and has over 500 hours of community service, mostly at the Seattle Aquarium, where she helps with different activites for younger children. She enjoyes, golf, kayaking, and volunteering. Her college goals include a degree in marine biology at the University of Washington or Gonzaga University.

Kale has been active in Biotech Academy and was a member of last year's world championship robotics team, of which he was co-president. He mentors younger children in programming and computer science. Three years ago he started a company that provided drone repairs. He also was a member of the War Survivor's Club. His college plans are focused on obtaining an electrical engineering degree at an East Coast university.

It is our privilege to honor these two outstanding youth!

September 2017 Students of the Month

At the September 26th meeting, Keven Wynkoop, club member and Principal of Ballard High School, kicked off another year of Ballard Rotary honoring outstanding students. He introduced the September Students of the Month, Trinity Cho and Beck Svaren, both student officers in the ASB.

Trinity Cho is in her third year as an ASB officer, and is co-president of the Multicultural Club and active in the STAR Club. STAR stands for Students and Teachers Against Racism. She is passionate about working for racial equality and building a sense of community and multiculturalism where everyone has a voice. She is also on the girls varsity basketball team. Her college goals include attending the University of Washington, studying pre-law or biology.
Beck Svaren is also in his 3rd year on the ASB, serving as President this year. He enjoys serving on the ASB because he can help others, represent the ideas of all students, and help make meaningful changes. Beck has a strong interest in business and finance. He is in the Academy of Finance and is currently working an internship at a business in downtown Seattle, K&L Gates. He is a member of DECA, having competed two years in international DECA competitions. 
His goals after high school include the School of Business at the UW, or at the University of Alabama. He also has a goal of acquiring an MBA.

Congratulations to both of these gifted and exceptional students!
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