December Students of the Month

At the December 10th club meeting, Principal Keven Wynkoop of Ballard High School (BHS) introduced the December Students of the Month: Aneesa Roidad and Mark Summer.

Aneesa Roidad is an AP (advanced placement) student who is busy with many activities including cross country. She is active in social justice (she is co-president of STAR (Students and Teachers Against Racism and is active in NAACP Youth Colition) and is an advocacy worker. She plans to major in math and science at University of Washington. 

Mark Summer is a very kind young man. He is active in sports (back-up quarterback in football), and is president of Filipino Club. He plans to major in mechanical engineering at University of Washington.

Congratulations, Anessa and Mark, well done!
Upcoming Programs
01/07/2020: Bill Feldt, Federal Way Rotary Malaria Partners Program Bill Feldt will update us on the progress of the Malaria Partners Program in successfully eliminating malaria.
01/14/2020: Stephen Sundborg, President of Seattle University Fr. Sundborg, winner of the prestigious 2019 Seattle-King County First Citizen Award and a powerful and inspiring speaker, will speak on the topic of Civility.
01/21/2020: Sarah Sherer, Seattle Maritime Academy Sarah Sherer, Dean of Seattle Maritime Academy will update us on the activities at SMA, as well as the academy's current successes and challenges. We provide scholarships every year to this excellent institution, which is affiliated with Seattle Central College and is located in Ballard.
01/28/2020: Club Evening Meeting Club meeting 5:30 pm at Picolinos, no speaker is planned. Come and catch up on club activities in the relaxed ambiance of Picolinos!
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