September 11 2018 Program

City Councilman Mike O'Brien

Councilman O'Brien and Rotary friends. From left, Carlye Teel, O'Brien, Mindy Byers, Oly Wise, Billy Rogers

Speaker at the club's September 11th meeting was District 6 Council Member Mike O’Brien. He has served on the Council for eight years.  He grew up in Seattle and has been a champion for environmental and social justice causes.  He has one child in college and another in high school.  He lives in Fremont.

Mike gave four updates:

1>     Sound transit light rail to Ballard in 2035.  Several options are on the table for consideration on how to get the service to Ballard (elevated or tunnel).  Light rail is also expanding to West Seattle, Tacoma, and Everett.  More information to come soon, there may be a need for additional revenue to support a tunnel to Ballard.  That was not originally in the Sound Transit voter approved budget.

2>     Backyard Cottages – the council is trying to make it easier to build backyard cottages and Mother-In-Law apartments within the city limits.  This is one way to create more affordable housing.  The goal is to be able to build them larger and streamline the approval process.

3>     Homelessness Crisis – creating more affordable housing, transitional housing, mental health services/addiction recovery.  200 new shelter beds opened last year, 300 additional beds are scheduled to be available this year, with an additional 900 next year.  He is hoping the Mayor makes this a priority in the upcoming budget.  The city has a team reaching out to the homeless to try and get them off of the street and provide servies.

4>     Budget Update…waiting to hear what Mayor Durkan’s first budget will look like and what priorities she has for the city.  There will be a lot of time for discussion and community input as the process moves along.

Other meeting photos

Kathleen Linscott remembering 9-11

James Raptis puts up the flag
Past President Oly Wise of University District Rotary was on hand to greet speaker Mike O'Brien.  Doug Warne brought former Ballard Rotarian Bjarne Varnes.
Past president James Raptis, left, with past president Oly Wise
Former Rotarian Bjarne Varnes, left, with Doug Warne.


 In Memoriam

David Hiscock

Long-time Ballard Rotarian David Hiscock passed away on July 29, 2018.  Dave was an attorney and President of Ballard Rotary 1989-90. Dave is described as an amazing man and he and his wife Connie were Rotary heros. Dave was involved with the 1990 Goodwill Games when Seattle hosted athletes from Russia.

At the August 28th club assembly, remembrances were given by Dave Hiscock Jr., Pete Scott, Carlye Teal and  Al Hovland, to name a few.

 We all knew Dave by his famous mustache, laser sharp opinions, and his wonderful wife Connie. Some of the things we did not all know was that Dave and Connie were big supporters of the Rotary Student Exchange Program and hosted several students and supported their own children in exchanges.

Even though Dave could give the impression of a scary attorney that one would not want to be on the other side of, he was a sincere and honest person who earned our respect and admiration.  It will always be said of Dave that if you wanted to know his truthful opinion about something, just sit at the table with him.

 David Hiscock, Jr. remembers his father. 

From left, David Hiscock (1989-1990), Alan Hovland (1990-1991), Fred Richard (2006-2007) getting together in September 2017.

Rotarians at Work!

Ballard Food Bank and Food for Kids

Al Hovland provides much needed Rotarian assistance at the Ballard Food Bank, helping package food for kids' meals. 

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