Report from District 5030/5080 Conference in Spokane

Attending the Rotary 5030-5080 District Convention from Ballard were President Chris & First Lady Kathleen Davis, President-elect Billy Rodgers, Committee Chairs James Raptis and Kathleen Linscott, plus Secretary Marilee Fuller.

A highlight of the conference was seeing RI President Barry Rassin and Bill Gates in dialog with King 5 anchor (and Seattle 4 Past-President) Mark Wright.


Ballard Rotary's achievements were on display in an exhibit created by Membership Chair and Webmaster Kathleen Linscott. 


Ballard Rotary's new flag was ready to bring home for outdoor display at meetings and events.

Alan Hovland In Memoriam


Carlye Teel reported the very sad news that Al Hovland passed away the morning of May 7th. It was peaceful.

He loved Rotary with all his heart and did a lot for Ballard and the larger Rotary community. He was President of Ballard Rotary for the club year 1990-1991. Please hold good thoughts for his daughters and family.

At the May 14th club meeting, club members shared their remembrances of Alan Hovland.

Carlye Teel, spoke about Alan as a true friend of Rotary. Al was a Ballard Rotary Past President and helped out in many many ways, from being a regular volunteer for Rotary at the Ballard Food Bank, to an integral volunteer at the Ballard Senor Center. The last words he gave to Carlye as she left him the last time she saw him were: “Give my Love to everyone at Rotary”. WE WILL MISS YOU AL!

Other Rotarians who knew Al gave insights of their knowing him, including:

Peter Wick, who knew Al from the beginning days of their joining Ballard Rotary, said he knew Al as “One of the most comfortable persons to talk with and be around, he did a lot for the club”.

Bev Washburn spoke of how dependable and involved with the Ballard Food Bank Al was: “You could always depend on Al to be there to help out”

Ed Robinson said “Al never said no when asked to help with a Rotary Project”

Erik Gulmann said “Al was always friendly, we spent time together at the Food Bank, where he enjoyed telling stories of his days with the Parks Department, I will miss his friendship”.

Chris Davis said “Al was the fastest friend I ever made”

The family is planning a memorial in August, to which the club is invited.

May 14, 2019

Getting to Know Each Other Better

The speaker for the May 14th club meeting had to cancel at the last minute. So, the quick thinking, and almost-past-president Chris and the brilliant, soon-to-be-new-president Billy came up with a ‘Club Members Get to Know Each Other Better’ solution. The microphone was passed around, and the members present had a chance to speak about what was going on in their lives currently.

Billy Rodgers started off by telling of his move from Boys & Girls Club to his new role as director of Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA). PCA is a non-profit organization providing training to coaches, parents, and administrators of schools and sports organizations.

Chris Davis updated us on his full-time retirement which includes, along with this full-time Rotary President responsibilities, his more than full time volunteer teaching job for First Responders, and his consideration of becoming its director. After working 30 years as an ER doctor Chris give us the impression that this is his way of winding down his workload.

Chloe Miller--we all wonder what Chloe does after tax season is all over on April 15th. She finally was able to set the record straight and pointed out that as a mother and full time CPA, working at Fisherman’s Terminal with the local fishing industry she had only a little time each November to rest. We probably won’t joke as much anymore. Oh yes, she has also been doing all the Club Accounting and Treasurer work for the past several years.

Britt Olson--the Club also assumed that being a pastor she only worked on Sunday. She also was able to fill the Club in on her workload as Pastor of Saint Luke's Episcopal Church which includes providing free breakfasts to the neighborhood. Supporting and helping between 300-400 people daily coming to their facilities, along with neighborhood gardens and other community building activities. It is now hard to think how she has time for Rotary, though we are glad she does!

Image result for st luke's episcopal church seattle

David Rice--outside of being a financial advisor, father, and active Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church member, he is an excellent and talented singer with the SeaChordsmen. And now that he has become a Rotarian any empty corners in his life can be filled up to overflowing with new ways of making connections that build community as is his passion. Along with his wife Joan, who accompanies him on many of his Rotary volunteer activities David is definitely a friend of Rotary.Related image

Carlye Teel--as director of the Ballard NW Senior Center (and also past president who signed the papers to let this scribe into the Club) she manages an organization of nonstop activities from Senior Activities, Spanish, Chinese and other minority group activities on a daily basis, along with providing space for Rotary activities as we need them.

Daniel Foe--an attorney with Mullavey, Prout, Grenley & Foe, LLP Dainel, focuses on litigation, construction, insurance, maritime, employment, and general business and corporate matters. Litigation. He also handles a wide variety of litigation matters in state and federal courts, and arbitration. In the Club Dan is always one to help out in international service projects, and on the Board gives a levelheaded clarity to issues that confront us.


Lori Foehn--as we all know her as the Windemere go-to person in finding and selling our homes. We can now know her in her new job with the Washington DOT office, with full benefits! Now I am sure Lori will have even more time to overflow her time with Rotary activities which we all look forward to because of the fun we have when we are working with her.

Val Gaifoulline--a real estate agent and property manager, also fills his time with snowboarding, camping, hiking, golf and fishing. Val’s help with Rotary activities is very much appreciated. Val is quiet but one is amazed when you talk to him and the things he is doing and has done.

James Raptis--is an architect who specializes in multi-family projects. We know he is good because our favorite, 50+ year perfect attendance Rotarian, Oly Wise, has hired him to do a project.

Nathan Engman--is the bank manager for Columbia Bank in Ballard, in his spare time he works with his wife who runs a winery. He is planning a summer trip to Croatia.

Image result for columbia bank seattle

Susan Haris--is originally 100% from New York, but she is now 75% from Seattle and 25% New York. She spends her time volunteering at the Nordic Museum, and is editor of their journal and a book of Ballard Scandinavians histories. Susan also tutors at Broadview Thompson K-8 School

Bev Washburn says “What you see is what you get” – We know we get GREATNESS and KINDNESS and LOVE and everything else that is good from her.

Ed Robinson--unemployed at the moment but is looking for the right job he says. Thankfully Ed is in Rotary and is able to work at the Food Bank, provide lunches for the Special Olympics, opening his home to Rotary events, along with the many other things he does, to give him something to do.

April 2019

Students of the Month

At the April 19th club meeting, the club was pleased to honor two outstanding students for the month of April. Ballard High School Principal Keven Wynkoop introduced the April Students of the Month:

  • Ellie McVickars – Ellie has been active in all areas of the performing arts, including band, choir and musicals. She is on the tennis team and has devoted over 240 hours to volunteering. She will major in English and is still deciding which university she will attend next year.

  • Max Levy – Max plays clarinet and is a drum major in the BHS band, featured in the May 17th Ballard parade. He's also captain of the varsity track team. Max plans to study Wild Fire Management at the University Of Idaho (which pleased U of I alum Joseph Grief).


Rotarians at Work!

Making Sandwiches for Special Olympics

Once again, Club members (and their families) came out on May 5th to make lunches for the competitors at the Special Olympics. Thanks to all the Ballard Rotarians and their family members who helped!


Upcoming Programs
5/28/2019: Derick Pasternak and Global Medicine The eminent physician Derick Pasternak, MD, MBA, FACP, FACPE, is a past director and current consultant for the Joint Commission International and will speak on evaluating international hospitals. The Joint Commission International (JCI) identifies, measures, and shares best practices in quality and patient safety with hospitals, government ministries, public health agencies, and other health care organizations, to achieve peak performance in patient care.
6/4/2019: Board Meeting Cancelled Due to scheduling conflicts the June board meeting is cancelled.
6/11/2019: Cathy Gibson, District Governor Nominee Cathy Gibson, Governor Nominee for District 5030 will host a Q&A, answering all questions Rotary, with the focus on District 5030.
6/18/2019: David Rice Come hear about the Seattle Seachordsmen Barbershop Chorus and their energizing music.
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