May 9th Program

Michael Stewart and Ballard Alliance

The program at the May 9th club meeting was provided by Mike Stewart, Executive Director of Ballard Alliance, who spoke about the exciting changes in Ballard, with the Chamber of Commerce transitioning to Ballard Alliance. Basically, the Ballard Alliance is working directly with businesses in Ballard to meet the development challenges facing Ballard.  To illustrate his point, he told the Club that in ten years recently, the population of Ballard has increased 24%, the number of housing units has gone up 40%.  The growth has been so fast that Ballard has a residential housing density that reached its target over ten years too soon!

To respond to the demands of this rapid growth, the Ballard Alliance is developing cooperative arrangements whereby businesses make a contribution to the Ballard Alliance.  The Ballard Allinace in turn initiated community improvement programs to make Ballard more attractive, safer and more welcoming to visitors who patronize the shops and restaurants of our community..  These initiatives are translating into making Ballard businesses more prosperous. 

It is interesting in this age of focusing on how to reduce taxes that Ballard businesses are willing to tax themselves to provide support for the BA.  However, the BA still depends upon donations to cover nearly 50% of its budget. 

Classification Talk: Tammy Walker

One of our newest members, Tammy Walker, gave her classification talk at the May 9th club meeting.  Tammy's long career in finance started in the mid-West before moving to the Seattle area.  After time with credit unions in Kent and Everett, she made the leap to “the dark side” and joined a bank----Skagit Bank specifically.  She is currently the manager of the Ballard branch of the Skagit Bank branch manager there.  Her Rotarian audience was particularly interested in her refrain during job interviews.  She routinely asked:  “Where do we go from here?”.  This often caught others off guard.  However, the question has particular relevance to any stage in life including that of Rotary Clubs.   Tammy is a serious sailor and her boat two years ago took first place in the Whidbey Island Race where she bested over 100 other sailboats.

Welcome aboard, Tammy!

Meeting Photos

Oly Wise, left, meets visiting Rotarian Ralph Teirney, while Marilee Fuller and Doug Warne look on.

Club members enjoy each other's company with animation. From left, clockwise, Pete Scott, guest Jason Bloom, Billy Rodgers, Cameron Smock, Lori Foehn, Beverly Washburn, and guest Lexie England.

Peter Wick, left, and Ed Robinson chat before departing after the meeting.

It's a fine opportunity for a photo - visiting Rotarian Ralph Teirney takes a picture of Marilee Fuller, Chris Davis, and his wife Roslyn. 

Speaker Mike Stewart answers questions from Doug Warne and Tammy Walker.

Kathleen Davis, left, has the attention of Marilee Fuller, and guest Lexie England.

Speaker Mike Stewart and Ed Robinson chat, while John Mitchell and Steve Stansfield share a chuckle in the background.

Chris and Kathleen Davis connect with visiting Rotarians Roslyn and Ralph Teirney from Tasmania, Australia. All four will be attending the Rotary International Conference in June in Atlanta.

Rotarians at Work!

Our Next Global Grant Projects

At the May 9th club meeting, Kathleen Davis, chair of the International committee, announced that the committee and our Board have approved our global grants for this next year:
-- Guatemala School Sanitation Project: This project will install toilets and sinks for five schools in Guatemala. This worthy project is in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Vashon and Rotary Club de Antigua Guatemala and partners with the cooperating organization of People of Guatemala. The project will total $45,000 and serve 684 children and 26 teachers. This is in the same district as our past projects that brought clean water, upgraded latrines, and toilets to rural Mayan villagers. 

-- A Drop of Milk Project: This inspiring project seeks to reduce maternal, pre-natal, and neonatal deaths in Myanmar by equipping and training village auxiliary midwives. We are joining South Lake Union Rotary in supporting this project, which is being led by Rotary Club of Vashon Island and Rotary Club of Rangoon Myanmar.

This outstanding project will address 4 key gaps in maternal and child health care:

  1. Poor hygiene and sanitation practices in day to day health care delivery and during emergency childbirth surgeries.
  2. No monitoring or tracking during pregnancy
  3. Lack of early detection of pregnancy complications
  4. No education and training to community health workers or communities about abnormal child development

Make a Proposal for Our Next District Grant!

Kathleen Davis, as chair of the Grants committee, invites club members to make nominations for the beneficiary of our district grant for the coming year. The total must be less than $30,000 and can be global or local. She provided forms for submitting nominations. Deadline for proposals is May 26th. The Grants committee will make recommendations to the Board on June 12th, and then will present the Board's recommendations to the club on June 13th for members to vote for the winning proposal. Please contact Kathleen with your proposal, and if you have any questions.

April Students of the Month

At the Rotary Club of Ballard's April 25th meeting, Ballard High School principal Keven Wynkoop introduced two outstanding students as our club's April Students of the Month. They are Kathleen (Katie) Baker and Diego Roberts Buceta. 

Katie Baker spoke of how she learned that sports were not a talent of hers, and how she discovered a talent from a life-changing trip to VietNam. Upon her return from that trip, she was inspired to produce a full-length film, which ran in the Seattle International Film Festival. From that success she has gone on to create some shorter films. She will be attending City College of New York on a full scholarship. 

Diego Roberts Buceta's talent is in music and singing. He has performed in 13 musicals in his high school years, and will be performing next month in the comedy, "The Importance of Being Earnest" (opening night: May 11th, runs through May 20th; you can order your tickets from, just search on Ballard High School). Diego has a dream of performing around the world as a singer and performer, whether musical shows or opera, whatever way he can. He will be attending the University of Michigan.

Congratulations to these two talented students, their futures are bright!

 New President-Elect Named

At the April 25th club meeting, Lori Foehn, on behalf of the past club presidents, announced that Mindy Byers will serve as President-Elect of Rotary Club of Ballard under our next president, Chris Davis. Congratulations to Mindy on being chosen as club president for the Rotary year of 2018-2019!


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