February 14th Program

Dan Satterberg & Criminal Justice Reform

King County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Satterberg was the featured speaker at the February 14th meeting of Rotary Club of Ballard. He opened his presentation on criminal justice reform with praise for the do-gooders of Rotary.  In fact, he stated that the Miranda warning ought to be replaced with the 4-Way Test.

The problem he sees is long sentences and full prisons.  Crime rates have fallen 41% since 1980, while criminal justice costs have increased 116%. We are incarcerating more people than ever. He outlined ten steps to divert offenders from the criminal justice system, starting with smarter school discipline (so more young people graduate from high school and continue to college). Those who attend even some college are dramatically less likely to commit a crime.

New Member Induction

At the February 14th meeting of the Rotary Club of Ballard, president James Raptis inducted Rev. Canon Britt Olson into the club. Britt Olson is pastor of St Luke's Church in Ballard, and was sponsored by Lance Georgeson.  She’s originally from Alaska, with time spent in Oregon, before coming to Seattle.  That must explain why she’s a Duck.  Britt is married to the pastor of Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church, Bryon Hansen. Welcome to the club, Britt!

Meeting Pictures


Doug Warne, left, sells raffle tickets to Steve Stansfield for a chance to win that giant bottle of wine. Proceeds go towards helping purchase computers for student use at Ballard Boys & Girls Club.


Rev. Britt Olson won a second raffle of Vacaville dried fruits and nuts. She plans to have them turned into breakfast items for the Edible Hope Kitchen at St Luke's Church.

After the presentation, Dan Satterberg chats with visiting Rotarian  Russ Amick (U District Rotary).


Dan Satterberg and Doug Warne chat at end of the meeting.

Marilee Fuller and Chris Davis share smiles at the end of the meeting.

John Mitchell chats with Carla, Executive Assistant to Dan Satterberg.

January Students of the Month

From left, club President James Raptis, honored students Forrest Hsu and Sydney Janeway, and BHS Principal Keven Wynkoop

At the January 24th club meeting, Rotary Club of Ballard honored its January Students of the Month. Keven Wynkoop, principal of Ballard High School and Ballard Rotarian, introduced the two articulate and energetic youth: Sydney Janeway and Forrest Hsu.

Sydney Janeway loves helping people. She is involved in the Unified Sport program at Ballard. She is also a mentor in the Link Crew program at BHS, which assigns every incoming 9th grader with successful upperclassmen to increase freshmen connection to school and improve their academic and social success. She coaches youth sports and over the summer visited Northern Ireland. She would like to major in Political Science and help people.

Forrest Hsu participates in Lion Dancing and Martial Arts in the International District. As a member of the lion dancing team, he travels to different communities to share the culture. Forrest is involved in four different bands at BHS. He is part of the Robotics team at Ballard. He will be attending the University of British Columbia, majoring in Chemistry.

Congratulations to these exemplary students!

Rotarians at Work!

Global Reading Challenge Update

On Tuesday, January 31st, and on Monday, February 13th, several club members volunteered to assist with phase 2 of the Global Reading Challenge. Phase 1 took place last autumn with the distribution of the GRC books to our selected schools. Phase 2 consisted of teams in each participating school being tested on their knowledge of the books they read. Pairs of Ballard Rotarians helped with the competition at each school. Thanks to volunteers Bev Washburn, Ray Washburn, Mark Buick, Eva Dunn, Lori Foehn, Erik Gulmann, and Lance Georgeson, Sala Sweet, Kathleen Davis, Chris Davis, James Raptis, and Kathleen Linscott!

Kudos to all the teams that participated for all their hard work and congratulations to the wining team at each school. Each winning team will represent their school as they advance to a semi-final round in March that takes place in the downtown Library. The final competition also takes place in late March at the downtown Library.


Eva Dunn and Lori Foehn at the first time slot of the Global Reading Challenge at Loyal Heights Elementary School. Eva said, "The kids were great, and Lori had an" infectious" level of enthusiasm!"


This picture of the Global Reading Challenge at Whittier Elementary School was provided by Erik Gulmann. Erik and Lance Georgeson assisted as timekeeper and score keeper. Said Erik, " It was, as always, a meaningful and fun event. Ten teams of six students from 4th and 5th grade competed. Everyone had a good time."

Items you would see at the phase 2 competition: the books in this year's Global Reading Challenge, the teams' responses to the questions, and the timer. Each pair of Rotarians served as score keeper and time keeper during the quizzing of the teams.

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