December 6th Meeting Program

Paul Harris Fellow Recognition

Club president James Raptis presented member Doug Warne with a pin honoring him as recipient of the Paul Harris Fellow award. The presentation of Paul Harris Fellow recognition is The Rotary Foundation’s way of expressing its appreciation for a substantial contribution to its humanitarian and educational programs. It is named for Paul Harris, a Chicago lawyer who started Rotary International with three business associates in 1905. Doug Warne's gift to The Rotary Foundation’s educational and humanitarian program is a commitment to peace and a better life for people across the world. Congratulations, Doug!

 James Raptis, left, and Doug Warne.

Guatemala and Grants - Update 2016

The program was provided by one of our own members, Kathleen Davis. She presented an update on our club projects:  The Guatemala Water Project, the Sanitation project also in Guatemala and the Homeless Encampment Solar Electricity Project from a financial funds sourcing point of view.  The Ballard Homeless Camp installation now has multiple solar panels that are making this facility more livable, especially as the length of daylight shortens over the winter.


 Kathleen gave a detailed description of the Water Project and the Composting Toilet projects and how they are affecting the communities that they serve. 

The Water Project is nearing completion of the 4 mile pipe that will send clean water from a spring the community purchased to their village, providing clean drinking water.  This will help combat many of the water borne diseases that are consistent with poor quality drinking water.

Kathleen showed pictures of the Composting Toilets that can be located close to villager’s homes and business.  The bye-product of composting toilets is clean fertilizer for the village, which results in an increase in the yields of their farms, and thus more usable income.

Rotarians at Work!

Service Project: Kids Holiday Shopping Spree

Over 30 club members and guests enjoyed helping kids purchase clothing and other items at Fred Meyer in Ballard on Saturday morning, December 3rd. As part of its annual holiday "Shopping Spree" project for kids in need, Rotary Club of Ballard provided a $100 gift card for each child, who was nominated by his or her school for this treat. Fred Meyer provided significant discounts and coupons that significantly stretched each dollar.


Club president James Raptis, left, confers with project chairmen Bev Washburn and Chris Davis, as they set up the check-in table.

Rotarians, who began arriving at 8:00 am, chat happily as they wait for the kids to arrive.

Friends and neighbors of Rotarians volunteered too. Chris Kaimmer on the left is a neighbor of Rotarian Bev Washburn. Next to him is his neighbor Allison Ebert, who also brought her sister (on the right). Allison is chatting with Rotarian and neighbor James Raptis.

Clockwise, from left: Rotarians Kathleen Davis, Sallie Sweet, Marilee Fuller, Lori Foehn, and Peter Anderson. Rotarian Moose Clausen, on the left, has his back to the photographer.


From left, Rotarians Lori Foehn, Billy Rodgers, Cameron Smock, and Eva Dunn await their charges.

Paul Sivesind enjoys chatting with fellow Rotarian Peter Anderson.

Adults were paired off with the kids as they arrived. Here, Rotarian Billy Rodgers, right, takes his charge into the store to shop.

Rotarian Erik Gulmann confers with his charge as they begin their shopping spree.

 Marilee Fuller and her charge confidently begin their shopping spree. Children ranged from elementary to middle school in age, and typically had their wish lists ready. 

The end result? Bags of great clothing, gear, and goodies!

 Thanks to all the volunteers and coordinators who made this worthy project happen!

November 29th Meeting Program

Author Jim Lynch and "Before the Wind"

Best-selling and award-winning author Jim Lynch was the featured speaker. He reminisced about growing up in a sailing family, where the Ballard Locks was the magical entrance to sailing the sound and the wider world. Jim read from his new book, Before the Wind, with its themes of family and sailing, much of it set in Ballard.

Jim drew the winning ticket for the raffle prize and, appropriately, sailor (and power-boater) Pete Wick won a copy of Before the Wind.

Copies of Jim’s books (The Highest Tide, Border Songs, Truth Like the Sun, as well as Before the Wind) were available for purchase from Phinney Books ( Jim graciously offered to match 20% of the book sales amount to support the Christmas Shopping Spree.

November Students of the Month

On Tuesday, November 22nd, club member and Ballard High School principal Keven Wynkoop introduced Emma Doherty and James Konugres as the Rotary Club of Ballard Students of the Month for November.


Left to right, club president James Raptis, James Konugres, Emma Doherty, and BHS principal Keven Wynkoop.

Emma Doherty participates in soccer and cross country.  She is involved in the Biotech Academy and is president of the National Honor Society at Ballard High School.  In her free time she volunteers at the Seattle Aquarium.  She is undecided on where she will attend college.  

James Konugres participates on the cross country and track teams.  He also enjoys physics and calculus.  He hopes to attend the University of Washington in the fall.  He has two other siblings that attend Ballard High School.

Congratulations to these two excellent and notable students!

  Rotarians in Action!

Service Project: Lighting for Living

November 8th Update:

John Mitchell, James Raptis, and Mark Buick spent several hours last Saturday to install new solar panels and to replace existing ones at the Ballard "Nickelsville" homeless encampment. There are now a total of 6 or 7 solar panels there. The panels power a lot of light, which is hugely appreciated by those living there.


Project: Global Reading Challenge

November 8th Update:

The Global Reading Challenge is a Battle of the Books program at the Seattle Public Library for 4th and 5th graders enrolled in Seattle Public Schools. The program encourages children to have fun and enjoy reading. After reading 10 books, children take part in a "Quiz Bowl" game to determine the winner for the city of Seattle.

Our club supports this project by contributing over 380 books to local schools. A week ago a team of volunteers helped apply labels to the  books. The books were then delivered to the schools where the reception was one of gratitude and excitement to receive the books. Chris Davis reported that he even had some kids chase him down in the hall to thank him for the books. This year's books are available at the weekly meeting for the members to borrow and read. 

For a full list of the titles and more information on the program, see


Service Project: Lighting for Living

October 18th Update:

As part of the Lighting for Living club project, club member Mark Buick coordinated the installation of three solar panels on October 15th and 17th at the tiny home encampment in Ballard. The work began on a Saturday, but was rained out due to the storm. On the following Monday, Mark resumed the work, assisted by Walt Hickey, founder of the nonprofit Camina Maestro and a partner in the project, and fellow Rotarians John Mitchell and James Raptis. The solar panels were installed on the donation shed, the community kitchen, and the security shack. They are the first of a total of 50 solar panels that are planned for the Ballard encampment and an encampment in southeast Seattle. 

"Nickelsville" in Ballard, where the solar panels were installed.

James Raptis works on the wiring.

James Raptis, Mark Buick, Walt Hickey

John Mitchell lends a hand.

Mark Buick secures the mount for the kitchen solar panel.

Walt Hickey on the ladder by the donation shed.

Installed solar panel.

Let there be light!

Congratulations on this exciting and excellent progress! Be sure to read the Ballard News Tribune article about the project:

Hygiene Drive

On October 8th, club members took turns manning stations in front of two pharmacies in Ballard to collect hygiene items for donation to the Ballard Food Bank. A record number of hygiene items were collected at Walgreen's and Bartell's pharmacies, both located at 15th NW and Market in Ballard. A big thank you to all the volunteers who helped make the Hygiene Drive so successful!


The Rotary Club of Ballard identifies its volunteers in front of Walgreen's

Lance Georgeson and Nathan Engman relax during a pause in customers at Bartell's at 15th NW and NW Market

Ed Robinson waits for customers at Walgreens

Chris Davis and Lindsey Moll greet customers at Bartell's 

Ted Rodgers and Ed Robinson talk to Walgreen customers

Eva Dunn and her daughter greet customers in front of Walgreens. 



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