April 24th Program

Eric Muhs and Community Radio KBFG 107.3

At the April 24th club meeting, Ballard High School Principal Keven Wynkoop introduced speaker Eric Muhs (Mr. “Moose”)—a great teacher of business, who uses a hands-on approach to tools and technology. Eric came to talk about the low-power FM community radio station KBFG 107.3. Eric’s wife was a Rotary Scholar. For her, being a Rotary Scholar was a transformative experience. She wanted to join his presentation at Ballard, but she is now a professor at Seattle University, and had a presentation of her own to do.

The BFG in KBFG stands for Ballard, Fremont, Greenwood, and founders had to acquire the rights to those call letters from a station in the mid-west. KBFG is a brand new 501(c) 3, all-volunteer non-commercial station with room for Rotary programs. Its 10-watt power reaches an audience of 100K. It also streams on the internet. The antenna is located atop the Norse Home on Phinney Ridge.

Some of their most successful programming has been live basketball, announced by our very own Billy Rodgers. Eric feels radio is a fabulous medium for developing student “voice”, covering local events, and connecting with local music.

KBFG now has a “studio”, a 6’x8’ facility near Swedish Hospital and Mighty “O” Doughnuts. They’d like to see a studio in every school (Salmon Bay, Hamilton, Whitman, Ballard, Lincoln) and are looking for underwriters, grant writers, real estate professionals, internet and computing experts, gear, etc.

Be sure to check out the KBFG website (http://fulcrumcc.org/) for more about the local events (like Spilled Ink at the Ballard Library) and locally produced music. You can stream programs live on the website.

Other Meeting Photos

Mindy Byers, left, with speaker Eric Muhs

Keven Wynkoop, left, and Ed Robinson

Left, Paul Sivesind, and Val Gaifoulline

Chloe Miller, left, and Lori Foehn

April 2018 Students of the Month

At the April 24th club meeting, President Chris Davis turned the meeting over to Principal Keven Wynkoop of Ballard High School for introductions of the April Students of the Month, Sofia Albert and Ryan Zeffer. Principal Wynkoop said these students had a special emphasis on service.

Keven had high praise for Children’s Hospital where student Sofia Albert is a volunteer. Sofia loves her work at Children’s and is headed to Gonzaga U, where she will pursue a degree in physiology and a career in physical therapy. She also does ballet five days a week. 

Student Ryan Zeffer volunteers behind the scenes at basketball games, operating the scoreboard and on weekends at Snoqualmie teaching physically challenged skiers through Outdoors for All. Ryan is headed for UW next year, where he has a chemistry internship.

 Rotarians at Work!

Weekend Food for Kids

Rebecca Miles sent in this photo in April 2018 of our volunteers at the Ballard Food Bank, packaging food for students in need. From left, guest Rotarian Bobbi Miles, Steve Stansfield, Ed Robinson, and Chris Davis. Great work!!

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