June 25, 2019

Dr. Chris Davis and Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Chris spent many years as an emergency medicine physician. At the June 25th club meeting, he spoke about the importance of maintaining a healthy weight and gave tips on how to know what your proper weight should be and how to reach it.

A measure of one’s weight status can be determined by looking up your BMI on the web. If your BMI is under 25, you are a normal weight. BMI of 25 – 30 indicated being overweight whereas a BMI of more than 30 indicates an obese status. Chris explained that being obese carries with it serious dangers to one’s length and quality of life. The two ways to control our weight as we all know are food management and exercise. He demonstrated a way for each of us to determine how far we would have to walk to burn of any specific number of calories. In addition, Chris explained that exercise not only helps control our weight but is the only known way to slow down the loss of intellectual function including memory that affect older people. He provided helpful charts about exercise and recommended the Harvard Medical School booklet on weight loss which can be ordered online or by phone. Call Chris if you wish further details.

Farewell Roast for President Chris

At the final club meeting of the Rotary year, the club past presidents put together a roast for the outgoing president Chris Davis. The roast consisted of good-natured and humorous awards that recognized all the hard work that Chris put in these past two years. 

Erik Gulmann places an Italian pasta "necklace" on Chris as part of the roast.

Pete Scott dresses Chris in "Rotary physician" garb, and then helps Chris with his joke-telling.

Lance Georgeson awards Chris with a special plaque and gavel in thanks for all his contributions. And thanks to Chris for being such a good sport!

 June 2019

Students of the Month

At the June 11th club meeting , BHS Principal Keven Wynkoop introduced the June Students of the Month, Avery Miller and Noah Tanner.

Avery Miller plans to attend San Diego State University. She has been a member of the Ballard State Cheer Squad and plans to continue in Cheer at the university level. Avery plans to study kinesiology (study of body movements). She has been active in Performing Arts as a camp counselor and plans to continue participating in that.

Noah Tanner has supported Diabetes Camp for Kids as it something he has to deal with. Next year he will attend Cal Poly, studying engineering. This summer he plans to go to Japan with money he earned by selling clothes online and plans to continue to pursue this online business. Check out Noah's website: http://pacer.bigcartel.com/

RI Report from Hamburg

By William Hamilton Rodgers III

Central Hamburg with Rotary flags Billy with Rotarians from the world

As your incoming President it was an honor to represent all of you at the Rotary International Convention in Hamburg, Germany in early June, 2019. This was my first International Convention (and my first trip to Europe) and it was awe inspiring. To see the entire World represented and Rotary’s impact around the Globe was very special. I had the opportunity to meet with many Rotarians and learn about their club and how they are making an impact to better their community. Rotary International provided some great break-out sessions with opportunities to share. It seemed like Rotary took over the entire city….everywhere you turned you saw a Rotary badge or pin. Thanks again for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

After the convention, my wife and I took an all night train to Copenhagen, Denmark, where we spent two days, before returning home. We arrived home Saturday evening and the kids were there to greet us….after spending the week with Grandma and Grandpa. Back to work!


Ballard Rotary Teams with Ballard Council to Sponsor Forum
By John Elbert Mitchell


The City Council Forum for candidates from District 6 was a huge success Wednesday evening, June 12, 2019 at the Nordic Museum. It was standing room only. Estimates of up to 500 attendees. There was no seat left in the hall, with at least 50 people or so standing along the walls. Seven candidates are vying to replace Mike O'Brien on Seattle City Council. 

Ballard Rotary was recognized as one of two that paid for the Great Hall rental fee. Thank you Chris & Kathleen Davis.

Upcoming Programs
7/16/2019: Save the P-Patch Cindy Kruger will be talking about the Ballard P-Patch and the need to save it from being sold off for the development of townhouses.
7/23/2019: District Governor Bill McElroy The official visit to our club by the governor of District 5030, Billy McElroy. Billy will address the club regarding Rotary International and the district's goals, objectives, as well as issues that are important to the our club and our members. You are encouraged to invite spouses to attend this meeting.
7/30/2019: TBD As the 5th Tuesday of the month, there is no club meeting on this date. But a club social may be scheduled, so stay tuned!
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