January 22, 2019 Program

Theo Chocolates!

At the January 22 club meeting, Aaron Lindstrom came from Theo Chocolate with more chocolate samples to taste than any one of us ever imagined! He was well received and invited back before he began. Aaron is the Chocolate Ambassador for Theo Chocolates, stimulating us through our own taste buds that the best chocolate in the world is made from only the highest quality cocoa beans. This is a result of farmers who participate in organic and Fair-Trade certified chocolate principles. Theo Chocolates was the first Organic and Fair-Trade certified chocolate factory in North America. Their founding ideals are that the finest chocolate can (and should) be produced in an entirely ethical, regenerative fashion.

Every Theo purchase directly supports the livelihoods of over 5,500 cocoa farmers, and a supportive supply chain of 30,000 people and families, enabling farmers to send their children to school, feed their families and reinvest in their communities. Ballard Rotary is proud to say that the Theo Chocolate Company expresses our ideals of being Rotarians and living in Seattle.

 These qualities represented by Seattleites are also why Joe Whinny, the founder of Theo Chocolate, picked Seattle as the first place he wanted to be from and start his factory. And as we found out today, the name Theo does not come from a person named Theo. Theo comes from the name of the tree that cocoa beans come from - The theobroma cacao tree. And the stimulant that we think is caffeine in chocolate is theobromine. There is no caffeine in chocolate.

More photos

Chloe Fletcher and Daniel Foe enjoy chocolate samples.

John Mitchell will have another chocolate sample, thank you!


January 2019

Students of the Month

From left, Madeleine Clark, Noah Yee, and club president Chris Davis

At the January 15th club meeting, Carrie Burr, Assistant Principal of Ballard High School, introduced January Students of the Month Madeleine Clark and Noah Yee.

Madeleine blossomed at Ballard by being involved in Link Crew, club president of DECA, and is in Running Start at North Seattle College where she is taking Statistics. She is taking an AP course in Biology, Physics and American Government. Madeleine plans to study biology, bio-engineering and American government and law next year at University.

Noah Yee is taking four advanced placement classes at Ballard. Noah went to study in Japan for three months. Noah plans to attend University next year and study chemical engineering, minoring in material science and majoring in chemistry.

Congratulations to these two exceptional students!

Rotarians at Work!

Work Party at St Luke's Church


Pete Scott and James Raptis help Sarah of St. Luke's

James Raptis, Pete Scott, Bev and Ray Washburn, and John Mitchell spent over three hours on January 12, 2019  cleaning, scrubbing, painting at St. Luke’s Edible Hope Kitchen in Ballard. We got rave reviews from the staff at Edible Hope.

Ray and John painted one of the two bathrooms, but ran out of paint for the 2nd. Ray purchased paint the during next week and he and John came back for 4 more hours on the 19th to paint the remaining bathroom.

These Rotarians did a fantastic job.

Upcoming Programs
2/19/2019: Music4Life™ Program speaker David Endicott, co-founder of Music4Life, will speak about this Rotary 5030 District project that provides ready-to-play musical instruments at no charge to public school districts for use by students in need.
2/26/2019: Richard Wagoner and the Seattle Times Traffic Lab Traffic Lab is a regular feature of The Seattle Times and covers transportation issues in the city and the region. This is a program you won't want to miss! February Students of the Month will also be honored.
3/5/2019: Board meeting The board meets on the first Tuesday of the month at Ballard Landmark, 4:30 pm.
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