March 14th Program

John Dobken and Energy Northwest

On March 14, John Dobken, the Public Affairs Supervisor at Energy Northwest spoke at the Rotary Club of Ballard meeting. Energy Northwest is a consortium of 27 utility companies in Washington state created by the state legislature.  He spoke about the multiple ways in which electrical power is being provided to the grid here in Washington state, including hydroelectric, wind, natural gas, solar power and nuclear energy.  

John focused his talk on why nuclear power is such an attractive way to make electricity.  In addition to being carbon free, nuclear power generates energy very efficiently.  As he explained, splitting the uranium -235 atom releases more than twice the energy required to split the atom in the first place. Mr. Dobken closed with reassuring information about nuclear safety. 

Paul Harris Fellowship for Walter Hickey

At the March 14th meeting of Rotary Club of Ballard, Cameron Smock reminded the members of what it takes to earn a Paul Harris Fellowship. Kathleen Davis then donated her Paul Harris Fellowship to Walter Hickey in recognition of the marvelous efforts that he has made in the Lighting for Living project, which is responsible for the installation of solar panels at Nickelsville in Ballard and the Othello Homeless Encampment in South Seattle.  Mark Buick, his associate in the project, helped present the award to Walter. Congratulations on an honor well deserved, Walter Hickey!

Classification Talk by Reverend Canon Britt Olson

Britt Olson gave her classification talk to the Rotary Club of Ballard at its March 14th meeting.  Her principal career had been as a therapist at Harborview.  Then in her 30s, after an exhaustive search of religions, she chose the Episcopal Church and entered the seminary to become a priest.  When she moved to Seattle, she met with the bishop for her first assignment.  “Give me the hardest thing you’ve got” was her request.  He made her the parish priest two years ago for the St. Lukes Episcopal Church in Ballard.  While she started with only twenty parishioners and an indebted church, two years later the church membership is up 200% and is in the black.  She directs the program of free breakfasts for the poor at the Church and has sparked the volunteer participation in this program by our Club members.

March 14 Meeting Pictures 

From left, Doug Warne, Bev Washburn, Ray Washburn, Lori Foehn, Cameron Smock, Tammy Walker, John Mitchell, and Pete Scott.

From left front clockwize, Jenn Muzia, Peter Anderson, Darwin Rieck, Lance Georgeson, Alan Hovland, Oly Wise, Joseph Grief.

From left, clockwise, Moose Clausen, Erik Gulmann, Salah Sweet, x, Marilee Fuller, and Britt Olson.

President-elect Chris Davis and District 5030 Assistant Governor Lynn Cheney. 

Doug Warne and Tammy Walker.

Bev Washburn and James Raptis.

Rotarians at Work!
Lighting for Living project

Contact Mark Buick to help with the assembly of solar kits, or to help install the assembled solar kits at homeless encampments. A minimum level of skill with tools is needed for this work. Mark is hoping for at least six dedicated individuals to help with this long-term project.

Nickelsville homeless encampment in Ballard with its full installation of solar panels.

Edible Hope Kitchen project
Contact Chris Davis or Bev Washburn to help feed the homeless any weekday morning at the Edible Hope Kitchen at St Luke's Church in Ballard. Tasks may include washing dishes, serving food, or preparing food. Volunteer for one or more hours between 7 AM and 10 AM, Monday through Friday.

The Edible Hope Kitchen serves a warm hearty breakfast to any who enter its doors. For some, it is their only meal of the day. The kitchen also provides a variety of portable "take-out" lunch food that the homeless can take with them when they leave at the end of their breakfast. All supplies are donated and the kitchen is currently serving 2,000 to 3,000 a month.

Randi Suetens beams over her first cake at the Edible Hope Kitchen.

Robert, chef extraordinaire of the Edible Hope Kitchen, smiles in front of trays of food prepared by Rotarians John Mitchell, Eva Dunn, and Kathleen Linscott.

Union Gospel Mission Search & Rescue

The following photographs were submitted by Lori Foehn. She says, "Last night (March 6) Peter Anderson, Mindy Byers, Aaron & Liz Overlund, and myself were out with Union Gospel Mission Search & Rescue. It was sooooo cold!!!" 

In the UGM Search & Rescue program, vans take volunteers into the dark places of King County at night. They offer a place to sleep at the Mission, and if the homeless decline that, they are given a warm blanket, food, a hot drink, and any other supplies available that night.


In the back row, from right, Aaron Overlund, Liz Overlund, Peter Anderson, Mindy Byers, and Lori Foehn. And a bunch of other wonderful volunteers!

The group gets ready for action at one of their destinations.

A homeless encampment visited by the group.

February Students of the Month

From left, BHS Principal Keven Wynkoop, honored students Deven Chedalawada and Max Miyake, and club President James Raptis. 

At the club's February 28th meeting, Ballard High School principal and club member Keven Wynkoop introduced the outstanding February Students of the Month, Deven Chedalawada and Max Miyake.

Deven is head sound designer/technician for the Ballard High School production of “Les Miz”. She loves the interactive experience working in theater. She played in Carnegie Hall as a member of band. She is on The Service Board for youth and social service on Saturdays, which provides opportunities for people in lower-income families. She hopes to study political science/pre-law at the University of Washington. Tickets for the BHS production of Les Miz can be purchased through the school website and the Brown Paper Tickets link for the weekend of March 18th.

Max is part of ASB, the swim club and other clubs, and has been editor-in-chief of the yearbook for two years. He was accepted to the Loyola Marymount University business school in Los Angeles. Both students received certificates of recognition and a $25 Amazon gift certificate.

Congratulations to these exemplary and inspiring students! 

In Memoriam: Dwight S. Hawley (Bud), Jr.

Born in 1924, Dwight Spencer Hawley, Jr. ("Bud"), a founding father of the Rotary Club of Ballard, passed away on February 19th at the age of 92. We offer our heartfelt condolences to the Hawley family.

Bud was a graduate of Ballard High School, class of '41, and served in the Army during World War II. Bud was active in the life insurance industry when he became one of the founding members that created the Rotary Club of Ballard in 1946. He served as president of Ballard Rotary from 1956 to 1957. Bud was honored at our auction last April for his lifelong commitment to Ballard Rotary.
Bud's memory lives on in the many ways he helped support the Ballard community through his commitment to the Rotary Club of Ballard. The funeral will take place on April 1, 2017 at 1:00pm at the Evergreen Washelli Tribute Center, 11111 Aurora Ave. N., in Seattle.

Please sign Dwight's online Guestbook at - See more at:


Rotary Club of Ballard, 1959. Bud Hawley is in the center in the back row.

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